About Dr. Adler

Philip Adler, PsyD is a clinical and consulting psychologist in Los Angeles. His expertise includes helping individuals and couples with difficult life transitions with extensive experience in re-entry and divorce as well as other times of major life change.

He is also a trained mediator, having completed all training and experience requirements under the Dispute Resolutions Programs Act, and is available for dispute resolution services. Dr. Adler has training and experience in many areas of community mediation as well as divorce mediation, both classic and collaborative.

Dr. Adler serves as the facilitator for the Divorce, Separation and Reconfigured Families Special Interest Group of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association and also sits on the Professional Networking Committee. Dr. Adler is a past member of the Diversity and the Community Outreach Committees.

Dr. Adler is also a member of the Southern California Mediation Association, the Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association and the American Psychological Association.


Philip Adler, PsyD

California Licensed Psychologist (PSY 26328)


Clinical & Consulting Psychology and Mediation